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Poll:playstation 3 slim or playstation 3 original?


which looks better

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  1. josf and Edmond K are fuckinq assholes. The Matt finish on the PS3 is nice, but the PS3 is ugly. the PS3 Fat looks way nicer, and not because we like spiderman. The piano black finish is waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy nicer.

  2. PlayStation 3 original looks better because of its glossy look but if you’re looking foward to buying a ps3 i would get the slim because the ps3 slim 120gb and the ps3 original 80GB are the same price but slim has more memory.

  3. Both PS3 models have the exact functions except for the following:

    PS3 Slim – Less power consuming (up to 50% less), has a 120GB hard drive included, matter black cover, and the function to install another OS has been removed, compact design, real buttons.

    PS3 phat – More power consuming, up to 160GB hard drive included, glossy piano black finish, ability to install another OS, way heavier, touch sensitive buttons, power switch at the back.

    I personally will chose the PS3 slim since it’s less power hungry, but if you prefer style and being able to install another OS, pick the PS3 phat.

  4. PS3 Fat.

    If your planning on buying, good luck finding the old one. I like the look of the Slim though.

  5. PS3 slim looks better because of the sleek cool design it has original is good but Slim is more up to date

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