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Playstation 3 not working?


it starts fine, but whenever i put a game in it the game doesnt appear anymore. i got my PS3 3 years ago (i think) for Christmas. it has worked fine, but now it freezes up alot? how do i fix it?

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  1. sounds like bluray drive problem. you can buy a new lense off ebay for about £40, but if its the fat ps3, sell it for £40 as spares/repairs & buy a new slim one. thats what i done.

  2. Yes its a Blu Ray Drive Problem you could send it Sony to fix it it costs 150$ but all you’re data will be gone or you could attempt to fix but might result in making it worse or you could get a new Fat one that doesn’t play PS2 games and has 2 USB slots then replace the hard disk drive from you’re broken PS3 to the newer PS3 and all you’re data will be there trophies profiles Save Data you ahve all these choices though but I dont know which one is the best

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