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playstation 3 mgs4 bundle?


ok i was pretty sure that i knew what the mgs4 playstation 3 bundle was all about. but then i found out that japan will be getting a regular and limited edition bundle of the ps3. now my question is: will north america be getting two ps3 bundle versions of mgs4 too?

if thats so, then does anyone know what the difference is between them, price-wise, availability, and what’s included? because right now im very confused. all that i know now is that the mgs4 bundle will be very “limited”

if theres only one mgs4 ps3 in north america, then theres less i have to ask. but i still have a question as to the availability, because im concerned i wont get to the store in time to be able to get a ps3. what would be the chances that there would be bundles left to buy on release day (June 12th)? i hope its not one of those all-nighters that people pull standing outside the store.

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  1. Japan will be getting the Limited Edition Gunmetal 40GB PS3 Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle, and the United States will also get the Limited Edition Gunmetal PS3 bundle as well. Before, Japan was only going to get the Limited Edition Gunmetal PS3 MGS4 bundle, but the United States is getting it too and it has been confirmed.

    Also, Japan will be getting 3 other Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 bundles. They will be getting the Silver 40GB PS3 with MGS4 and they will be getting the White 40GB PS3 with MGS4 as well, and they will be getting the Standard Black 40GB PS3 with MGS4 and that was just announced recently.

    The 80GB PS3 MGS4 bundle shouldn’t really be limited at all because Sony is using that bundle to replace the old Motorstorm bunlde. However, the Limited Edition Gunmetal PS3 bundle with MGS4 will be VERY limited.

    As far as pricing goes, the 80GB PS3 MGS4 bundle has already been announced to retail for $499.99.

    As far as the Limited Edition Gunmetal PS3, I’m not sure how much it will retail for, but I’m thinking that it might sell for $399.99, but something is telling me that it will sell for a slightly higher price because it’s a Limited Edition.

    The 80GB PS3 MGS4 bundle is supposed to come out June 12th and I’m sure that there will be enough PS3’s to go around, however, it could sell out in a lot of stores and if you want it, you should get to the store early or pre-order it if the PS3 is able to be pre-ordered in the coming weeks.

    You probably wont have to worry about people camping outside for to get the 80GB PS3 bundle because it’s not like it’s a PS3 launch like in 2006, it’s just a new bundle coming out.

    As far as the release of the Limited Edition Gunmetal PS3 MGS4 bundle, I haven’t heard a release date on it yet.

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