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Playstation 3 help!!?


Ok i made a playstation acc and i forgot the password and i had to put in incorrect info which again i forgot. So i went to playstation.com and i made a new acc and my ps3 says that i can log in as another gamer. please help!

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  1. HA! Happened to me as well. I was in a rush and I didn’t put the right info. I contacted Sony via email. I explained the situation. They asked for some detail and then they emailed me a link and redo the info and a password. Warning, the password has a limited time, so when they send it to you, you have a day or two to do something about it.

    Google PS3 go to there website and look up customer support. Send the info and your problem.

  2. This is a common fault and what i would do make a back up of ps3 content. Use the format utility and then the memory is wiped for you to add any playstation account name that you want

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