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Need help with Xbox 360 E71 error?


Ok, so, I am hoping someone could give me a hand,

I am having trouble with my Xbox 360.

Originally, during last summer I got the ‘Red Rings of Death’, sent my 360 to microsoft, and recieved a new one.

Well, recently my Xbox has been acting up.

Lately, during movies, (And only movies), it would randomly freeze.

I would turn it off and then back on, and Bam! I get a E71 error.

Now, however, it is giving me a E71 error, even though I have not been watching any movies on it.

I turn on my Xbox, and it either freezes during the boot up, or I get the error message.

So, other than shipping it back to microsoft, (Which I am end up doing), is there any way to fix this, without breaking the warrenty.

Oh, and yes, I have tried turning it on while pressing the sync button, (Or whatever it is called)


I have tried Google, multiple times now. So please, do not even think about saying how I “just need to unplug all the cords.”

I swear, people on the forum boards think that this one answer is always right and that it will work for everyone.

(sorry for sounding a bit impolite)

I have already tried it several times now, and it has not helped once.

And many other people have said that it has not helped them.

So any other response would be very appreciated.

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  1. Try to do this. Take out the hard-drive put your console on. If the Xbox 360 E71 is no more, put your console off, and put the hard-drive back in. Then restart it

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