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My Xbox won’t connect to the internet?


I Have recently got a new Gateway which is a Netgear DGN2200v3 and ever since then my Xbox won’t connect to the internet. I have tried wiring it in to the Xbox via Ethernet cable and still hasn’t worked.

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  1. Look at the instructions that came in the box with your router. It will tell you how to log on to your router from a computer. Do that, and check your settings on your router. You will have to type your routers IP address into the address bar on your computer in IE/Firefox/Chrome/etc. and then you will have to log in to it. The login ID/Password should be in the box from your router, and there will be instructions on how to change your password (which I would recommend). Then just check your settings. This website might help you too.

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  2. You may need to set the router up on a computer using a disc or download this will also involve setting up security passwords and etc

  3. Go to the address bar on your internet browser and type in or and press enter then it should bring up a screen that says you require a username & password

    Type in Admin as the username and Password as the password. Now it should bring you up to a new page and it will say its looking for a firmware update, if it finds one let it update and what ever you do DO NOT close the page or you will completely delete your firmware and not connect to the internet at all. Ok if you look down the left side of the screen try and spot something that says wireless settings, click on it then scroll down until you see passphrase or passcode bla bla bla. then change them to what ever then save it. Now try and the new passphrase or passcode into you xbox when you try and connect it. Make sure after you’ve don this change your username and password

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