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My Xbox 360 gets the 2 red light error after a few minuets, but doesn’t seem to be overheating!?


Ive had this Xbox (the 60gb version) for quite some time now, and it’s been very reliable with little to no problems. But recently, without warning, I’ll get the 2 red light error, after only a few minuets. About a minuet after i turn it on, the fans go crazy, and this is even before i start playing a game! When the Xbox “crashes” and the 2 red lights appear, the PSU nor the console itself feel hot in any way. I have the console laying horizontally in an open area on the top of a wood table, along with the PSU suspended a bit on a box, for extra ventilation. I tried dusting off the ventilation holes, applying some compressed air, and letting it cool for hours at a time, but it doesn’t seem to do any good! I’m not sure if there is a problem with some cables, or something, but nothing ever happened to provoke something like that.

Please help! I’m not sure if ill have to pry open my Xbox or not, but I’m willing to do anything at this point.

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