Home Xbox Forum my xbox 360 fell onh the floor from a small hight...

my xbox 360 fell onh the floor from a small hight it fell about 14 inc or feet will it be okey?


is the xbox 360 durable that if you tip it over or drop it i will not break am i right it is made out of metal please help cuse i tiped it over should i be worried about it being dameged internal plaease help i want to know if it is damaged inside or not is is maetal

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  1. Yes. it has a metal frame. But if anything broke from a fall like that it would be the disk drive. Make sure the drive works and everything else should be ok.

  2. well when my xbox fell it was standing up and i was playing a game and it dug into my dick.well if it fell to that high and nothing was in it then ya nothing will be wrong with it hope it works for ya

    -kory golding =]

  3. I would think it should be OK, but I guess you won’t know until you turn it on again.

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