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My Xbox 360 fell on it’s side when I was playing on Live and now it won’t let me play any game on Live. Help?



  1. yeah. i happend to me. the xboxes made in 2005-2006 have many disk drive problems. (a way to find out if u have a old xbox is to look at your disk drive color, silver is old. white diskdrives are the new regular ones and were made in 2008-2009.) most likely when u dropped it, a game was playing when it happend, obviously the game is ruined but the xbox can be fixed. the disk drive has been damaged and the lens that reads games is not working anymore. take it to geek squad or another place u can find online that fixes xbox’s for cheap. ther is not much more you can do.

  2. it may have broken something inside the system that has to do with the online part

    maybe you could take it to gamestop and ask them to look at it (never tried that but they might)

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