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My X Box 360 remote keeps shutting off every 30 seconds while I’m playing a game.?


Its starting to really annoy me. I will be playing a game and all of a sudden the green light on the controller will go out and make the game pause. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if it didn’t happen every 30 seconds or so. Does this happen to anybody else and/or is there something I have to go to to stop this from happening?

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  1. use a different remote.

    if it has a wire to plug it in use a different port.

    if it is wireless change the batteries.

  2. it happens very often it needs new batteries or needs to be charged if the light goes aroung in a circle

  3. If its the rechargeable battery packs, then the life on it is dead. Its happened to me too the battery can only be charge about a 100-200 times then its life starts fading slowly until it can’t hold a charge no more. So its best to just buy a new one. Or do what i did Get a play and charge kit. you get a chargeable battery pack and you coud use the cord with the one that’s dead so you don’t exhaust the new one.

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