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My Red Dead Redemption GOTY Stuck On SP Loading Screen! Help!?


I had gotten to the part in Black Water to where i had just met the Doctor, and during the cutscene, the voice acting stopped working, but the audio was fine. i thought this was a glitch, so i skipped the cutscene. then it just brought me to a black screen. so i cut off my xbox for a while, then about an hour i got back on and the loading screen problemo happened. i took out the disk, and i noticed the tiniest scratch and i took it to my brother,Logan, who is an expert about xbox stuff, and he told me it was laser burnt. but when i put the game back in the xbox, no error occured saying it couldnt read the disk, but the loading screen problem happened. i copied my save files and put it on my flash drive and deleted the save files from my memory unit, and removed my flash drive. then i started up the game, and it made a new save, but the loading problem still didnt stop. do i have to delete the RDR file itself? or just my save files? can anybody tell me how to fix this? help!

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  1. hello 19madmax99

    I suggest that you get a cloth and clean the dick (Not in circles wipe from edge on disk to the inner circle) do this all way around next

    Open the disk tray and blow hard into the Xbox system (dust can cause problems) and put it back in and see how it goes if it still occurs wet the cloth a TINY bit and clean disk again and then try again it should work

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