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My media sharing from my computer to my xbox isnt working.i really need help?


So i used media sharing via zune rarley and now when i wanted to use it, it wouldnt work because it cant find the computer.

ive done everything:

ive opened the ports that it says need to be open, and ive even shutdown my entire firewall to see if it would work; it didnt.

ive deleted DRM files and installed all updates

so ive done pretty much everything theyve said EXCEPT called the support line.cause thats just a hassle

also, is it possible that because my xbox is hooked up with an Ethernet cable to my network whereas the computer im using is wirelessly connected to the network?

please help, i dont wanna hafta buy an external hardrive or zune or something.

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  1. Have you visited this link? It should explain the whole process. The fact that your PC is on wireless shouldn’t matter.

  2. This Windows Media Workshop explains how to use Windows Media Player 11 media sharing to stream music over your home network to your Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system.

    Step 1: Connect Xbox 360 to Wireless Home Network

    The first step to streaming music from your computer to your Xbox 360 is to make sure that your Xbox 360 is connected to your home network. (This article assumes that you have a wireless home network.) For general information about connecting your Xbox 360 to a home network, see the Introduction to Home Networking article on the Xbox 360 Web site.

    To connect your Xbox 360 to your home network


    Turn on your console and any wireless networking devices (such as a router or access point).


    Plug the Xbox 360 wireless adapter into the USB port on the Xbox 360 game console.

    Your Xbox 360 should use the same router that your computer uses to connect to your home network and the Internet.


    On the Xbox 360 dashboard, select the System blade.


    Select Network Settings, select Edit Settings, and then select the section that begins with Wireless Mode.


    Select your wireless network, and then enter your network password (if necessary), and then select Done.

    Your Xbox 360 console should be connected to your wireless home network.

    Step 2: Set Up Media Sharing in Windows Media Player 11

    After you download and install Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP, you need to set up media sharing so that you can share music and other digital media with your Xbox 360. The following steps describe how to set up media sharing in Windows Media Player 11.

    To set up media sharing in Windows Media Player 11


    In Windows Media Player 11, click the arrow below the Library tab, and then click Media Sharing.


    In the Media Sharing dialog box, select the Share my media check box, and then click OK.

    Screen shot showing the Share my media check box.

    In the list below the Share my media to check box, click your Xbox 360, click Allow, and then click OK.

    It might take a little bit of time for your Xbox 360 to appear in the list of devices.

    Step 3: Play Shared Music on Xbox 360

    After you have set up media sharing in Windows Media Player 11 and allowed Xbox 360 to receive and play shared content, you can now stream music from your computer and play it on your Xbox 360.

    To play music streamed from your computer on Xbox 360


    Using your Xbox 360 controller, select the media blade.


    Select music.


    Select Computer.


    On the Windows-based PC screen, select Yes, Continue.

    After a few moments, your computer with the shared media name should appear.


    Under Select your computer, select your computer and the shared media name.


    Find the music that you want to play, and then select Play.

    The music streams from your computer to your Xbox 360.

  3. Recently we put together a small video just to show the overall speed and quality with which the xbox 360 uses the zune to play all media.

    But we definitely didn’t go through the steps on how to do it. In this post I’ll explain step by step on how to play and stream all media with and to xbox 360.

    Play zune media with xbox 360:

    Connect one end of the sync cable to zune and other end to USB port on you xbox console.

    From the xbox dashboard, select Media, then select Music, Pictures, or Video.

    Select your zune device from the list of available devices.

    Select your desired music, video, or pictures from your Zune device.

    Streaming zune software media to xbox 360:

    Open the zune software on your PC.

    Click Options, Library, Media Sharing.

    Select Share my media.

    Check the media types you want to stream to your Xbox 360 console.

    Choose whether you want to Share with all Xbox 360s or only share with these Xbox 360s.

    If you chose to share only with specific consoles, click to check (share) or uncheck (don’t share) consoles in the list.

    Click OK to begin streaming media.

    From the xbox dashboard, select Media, then select Music, Pictures, or Video.

    Select Computer and select an item to play it.

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