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My friends have a ps4 and I want one.?


I’m willing to sell my ps3 for £200 -£250 and get a ps4 from Amazon for £275. I have a ps3 superslim 500gb with 2 controllers and 13 games.I have £75 but I want to get Fifa 15 and other games. I also have a ps2 with over 30 games, a rubbish phone and a Wii that I never use. I can’t get a ps4 for my birthday because I’m getting a PC and my birthday is 6 days away from christmas. Pls tell me how to sell those stuff and I don’t want to sell my Wii. Thx

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  1. you;d better have 2 ps3’s if you want to get that much , or 30 games with some new release titles in the mix

    a ps3 is worth half what you are asking

  2. You aren’t going to get nearly that much for your PS3. You might get half that.

    PS2 games – if you get £1 each, consider yourself lucky.

    So you might be able to earn half the money for your PS4.

  3. A used ps3 sells for maybe $150 at gamestop. So you might get $75-100 there as a trade in. If you ask for more then what it costs people wont buy if they can get it cheaper unless you throw in stuff.

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