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Marvel Vs Capcom PS3 Disc?


I noticed this game was released as a download, Case included, But no disc.

And then I have seen a few with disc included, Are the ones with disc (rare?) Fake or Real?

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  1. marvel vs capcom 2 was released as a download. but for some reason, retailers like gamestop had actual cases for the voucher card.

    MvC 3 is on disc.

    haven’t seen any downloads, as far as full game content is concerned, on PSN, or xbox live.

  2. there are two marvel vs. capcom games on ps3

    marvel vs. capcom 2 is download only in north america ( released in 2009 ). the newest marvel vs. capcom 3 is the one on disc. it was also on disc for ps2 a while ago.

    they also had a downloadable mvc2 that was sold as a download code included in a case with a manual but it was only available on amazon and some gamestop locations.

    it’s not especially rare but is seen less than the purely downloadable version in the playstation store – I read they sold about 5,000 copies this way.

    only europe had mvc2 available on disc for ps3 and it wasn’t rare over there.

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