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Loose PlayStation 3 AC-IN power connector?


I noticed that the AC IN on the back is kinda loose. the MAIN POWER switch and everything. The box that holds the power jack and the power switch seems loose, does anyone else have this on their PS3, is it normal? Also, if the power goes out for a split second and then comes back on while the PS3 is in stand-by, can that cause a spark of electricity through to the console itself? Thanks.

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  1. The entire POWER AC IN is connected only to the outter housing, and does not interface directly with the motherboard, except through a connecting cable, and so represents only an aesthetic problem; however, if the connecting cable unit itself is loose on the motherboard, then you may have worn or damaged solder joints. You will immediately want to repair this as the PS1 – PS3 models have non adequate forms of built-in undercurrent protection (a fuse is not a reliable nor adequate from of undercurrent protection), circuits can become irreversibly damaged by intermittent sparks and/or jolts. Please note – I said undercurrent ( not overcurrent ); there is a difference.

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