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Is Xbox one region locked?


I want to buy the Xbox one when it comes out but I heard it won’t be marketed in Greece for a while (I live in Greece) so I want to order it from amazon.co.uk, but I heard it will be region locked. What does that mean exactly, and can I play Greek games on a UK console when it comes out? Also if I wait to buy it from Greece will games that I order from amazon.co.uk work on a Greek console? IF I cant buy from UK is there any other country I can buy from?

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  1. Apparently, the games will be region-free, but the Live service is not. If you’re connecting from a country where Live is not yet supported on the Xbox One, you may not be able to connect.

  2. I think they went back on haveing it compleatly region locked. But I know Xbox live is still region locked. If your worried about region lock but a ps4. It’s compleatly region lock free.

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