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Is Xbox 360 online Free?


My friends tell me that Xbox live is free but theres a paid version. I asked them if the free Xbox live can get me play COD online. They said yes so is it true?

P.S. I have a PS3

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  1. no its not true you HAVE to pay for xbox live. They have monthly and yearly cards. you can’t pkay online without it

  2. Yes. £40ish for 12 month, £15ish for 3 month. You can use your credit/debit card on the console on it is abit cheaper.

  3. Friends are wrong. There is Xbox Live Silver (Free) & Xbox Live Gold. You can’t game online with Silver. Need Gold.

  4. Nope thats why people switch for HD blu ray and more realistic quality and also its free but the only.negative about free internet with the PS3 is that, the internet crashes might occur with system failure or some idiotic fool hacks into the software and than steals information its happened online with sony before. Other than that if you want free go sony if you want to pay go with 360

  5. ive always known people pay for xbox live if there is a free version why do people buy the live vouchers every year my partner pays for xbox im sure he would not if he could do it for free.

  6. To play online you will need to buy an Xbox Live Gold membership which I believe is $25 for 3 months and $50 for a year

  7. silver accounts are free

    silver accounts you CAN NOT play online OR join parties. or use alot of apps.

    xbox Gold you pay for – and can use everything

    its cheaper to buy gold for a year – 3 month cards are around £17 whilst a whole year is about £30

  8. Partially true.the silver level of XBL is free, And that is the level you automatically get when you first create an XBL account but don’t pay for gold. But that basically just allows you to chat w/ people 1 on 1 and gives you enough access to get updates for games/your console when they’re released, and not much else

    So really if you want to play COD or get the most out of XBL you need to pay for the gold level. which works like this

    1 month subscription = $10 (so $120 for a full year)

    3 month subscription = $25 (so $100 for a full year)

    12 month subscription = $60 (roughly $5 a month)

    Also you can sometimes find the gift cards for XBL on sites like amazon for cheaper, so if you can afford that or even just ask your parents to get you the gift cards for xmas or your birthday, you’ll be ok.

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