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Is this true about gears of war judgement?


Ok so some guy on xbox live told me that the regular lancer would be in gears of war judgement, but it won’t have stopping power. And he also said that the sawed off shotgun won’t be in judgement. Is this true or was he being a liar.

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  1. Don’t worry. He does not know these kind of things. So do we. Of course it’s gonna have the same weapons it’s GEARS OF WAR

  2. Dude don’t believe what people say the game is in development it’s getting ready and i doubt that the regular lancer won’t be at GOW:judgement it is the breakout weapon of the whole series in addition i don’t know about the sawed off shotgun :/

  3. According to the Gears Community Online Network (GCON) who have tested the game, stopping power has been removed in the new OverRun mode. No mention of the DBS/SOS is made, but it is logical that it would be out of the game. With just under 5 months until release any number of changes can be made.

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