Home Xbox Forum is the xbox 360 still popular?

is the xbox 360 still popular?


is it?

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  1. yea. everyone in our sixth grade special reading class has one. they got a new one called jasper.

  2. Yes, but the wii is most popular, well, sold most, but xbox is, already slowing down, so in a few years, it wont be, the ps3 will be popular for alot longer, since its better, and the wii is great also, so yes, it is, but no, not for much longer, microsoft have already said that they are slowing down on it

    hope this helps!


  3. Callum, you’re wrong on so many levels. PS3 ISN’T better than 360, and will survive just as long as the PS3 does, if not longer. It’s all about the online play, and 360 is where it’s at. PS3 doesn’t par up to the 360’s Xbox Live, which has tens of thousands of people on games such as Halo 3, and Call of Duty 4.

    Xbox 360 won’t be slowing down until about 2012, or until the next generation of Consoles. Microsoft is releasing a new user interface this fall for the 360, in my opinion, it’s sort of a rip off of Miis with the avatars, but I won’t be using them much, so that’s fine to me. And when the hell did Microsoft say the 360 was slowing down? Oh that’s right, never.

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