Home Xbox Forum Is the xbox 360 kinetic really worth it?

Is the xbox 360 kinetic really worth it?


i already have an elite and i dont know if the new kinetic is really worth it

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  1. the new xbox 360 slim is not really worth the higher price, if i had a choice, i’d go buy an elite (because they are giving away 2 games with it). i just bought the new slim and it’s not alot different. yes it is more quiet (when i dont have surround sound cranked) and it looks nice. has nice features on the hardware (looks, touch sensitive buttons) but other than that, it’s pretty pointless to have. hopefully they don’t red ring.or red dot rather ( for the new ones) as much as the old ones did!

  2. Not saying anything bad towards anybody, but it is IF your overweight.

    Remember-Not calling anybody out.

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