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Is the Vita Worth It?


Basically what I’m going to be doing is trading in some things to get a Vita and I want to see if trading those will be worth it. The big one is my iPhone. I’ll get $125 for it (4S), but is it worth trading for a Vita? I just got a Samsung Galaxy S5, and I love it way more than my iPhone so it’s kind of just collecting dust, except when I use it to play music in my car (the audio is way better on the iPhone). And I want to trade it for the Vita and get Sword Art Online for it, since I’m a huge fan of the anime. Of course I’ll get other games but that one to start. So what do you all think? Should I trade my iPhone for a Vita?

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  1. since yoir phone is not being used you may as well trade it while it still has some good value , if you like gaming and want a psvita then its going to be a good deal for you , better than having an old dust collecting phone.

    the psvita is a pretty nice console , it has lots of good games and lots of free games too ( especially of yu get playstation + which gives two free psvita games every month ) , lots of apps and a decent camera

    You can watch youtube videos , get your email , check facebook , twitter etc. , you can get netflix , music unlimited , video unlimited and other video and music apps including tunedIn internet radio app for free music , take videos and photos and soon psNow will be available for psvita allowing you to rent ps3 games and stream them to the vita console

    Just make sure you get a 16GB memory card or larger as games can be pretty bod downloads.

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