Home Playstation Forum is psp 2004 version 6.35 downgradeable?

is psp 2004 version 6.35 downgradeable?


hello for months now i have been searching to downgrade my psp but i could not find anything

i mistakly upgraded it and cannot play any fking games

im not that rich to buy umds

so i have decided to downgrade it with the help of a pc shop

so before i go there i wana ask if 6.35 version is downgradeable?
i cant do it.like that myself i cant.i need someone to do it for me thats why im going to the shop

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  1. don’t downgrade your psp.it might destroy your console entirely.i suggest you have your psp modified for it to play iso.cso games.check the net i think they have already released the hen for ofw 6.35.you can do it yourself.search it on the net i found one for my psp although mine was 6.20.or have someone who knows how to run the hen.but it would cost you something like 1000 -2000.so better be ready.hope this could help you.

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