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is it the black screen of death?


i have no idea whats going on with my ps3. It turns on, but displays nothing or any music. but heres the thing, once i insert a movie or game is plays it sound and picture and i can play it. but if i press the option to go to the home screen it goes completely black on me. IDK what to do, im panicking. help please. what could it be and what can i do to fix it, i cant afford it it was a gift :'[ that someone worked really hard for.

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  1. No the black screen is just a waiting period while sony fixes the PSN. This will probably only last until about 2013 when they release the playstation waterproof. They will have the PSN completely rewritten by then and it may even work for online play at that time.

  2. Yea the PS3 WP is the new way to play games online. I am holding out on the PSN as I hear it may never be operating again as the waterproof version of the network is coming out with the release of the Playstation WP. This way I will know that my credit card info is secure.

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    Oh isn’t this where I pay for the service? I’ll just let everyone have it. At least I’ll be able to play MMORPGs online.

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