Home Playstation Forum im moving from a ps2 to a ps3 :D?

im moving from a ps2 to a ps3 :D?


well i like my ps2 but u know its geting old so amma get a ps3. and i have question about updateing ur ps3. how importent is it to update ur ps3. from online and do u even have to?

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  1. If you dont update you would not be able to visit the playstation store or be able to play online. Its almost an obligation.

  2. Yea its a pain in the * sometime;s But congrats on the update. Make sure you get Call of Duty 4, Uncharted: Drake’s Treasure so that Ps3 can blow your mind.

  3. very important,

    do you need it

    internet play-yes

    play games-no

    thats really all you need it for and also updating themes, and playstation store

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