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I’m buying an XBox but don’t know which one to get. help?


Hey everyone,

I am going to buy an XBox but I don’t know which one to buy. Most people I’ve talked to say not to get the Arcade version, but there are two I am mainly looking at.

Which is better, in terms of gaming, and value for money, a normal XBox that has 60GB hard-drive, or an XBox Elite?

Also, is it worth buying a pre-owned one, or am I better off buying a brand-new one? They both have games that come free as an offer, and the pre-owned one is cheaper with pre-owned games, but I’m not sure if its good to get a pre-owned one.


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  1. To consider:

    Which should you get? Well the arcade should not even be a thought. I personally went with the pro when it had the 20 gig hard drive and wish I had a bigger one but it now comes with a 60 gig which should be plenty. Now the big seller on the Elite is not really 120 gig hard drive it is that it has a built in HD-DVD player. The pro only has a SD player though it supports HD games. But like I said I would go with the current pro system.

    As for new or a refurbished unit I would go with new one because it is all new hardware. The refurbished unit only had the busted piece(s) replaced an all the rest of it has had the normal wear and tear.

  2. Make sure you buy new. 60GB Xbox should be enough, but the Elite has much more physical appeal and has slightly better graphics. Ultimately, its your choice.

  3. Depends on what type of games you are, will you use it daily, weekly or monthly. how much money can you afford, if you are a core gamer defiantly get the elite if you just want to play relax after work get the pro i do not recommend the Arcade if you are wanting online game-play, and using it allot. but if it’s every now and then just want something to do, get the arcade

    preowned is an option but tend to get the ring of death due to lack of care by the previous owner

    i you are still uncertain go down to your local gaming store and ask for some help there also look around at different shops for the best deals.

    what ever your decision if you get xbox live add me – my gamer tag is TechnoJay

  4. Alright, firstly please refer to them as Xbox 360 or 360 coz i thought you meant the original one lol!.well the elite and pros are basically the same except the colour, memory size and the elite comes with the HDMI.but other than that it’s the same! unless for some bad luck, you manage to buy an elite that has the older chips on it! lol.new ones currently are the Jasper chips, might want to research on that if you haven’t.

    Please just buy a new console, not preowned. I don’t really like the feeling of having to buy something not new. Plus you get the added pleasure that it is new and you won’t have to expect a problem with it – warranty and stuff should cover you.

    As for the arcade version, there are some that already has the HDMI output on it so you can play the games in High-def (but arcades only play xbox360 games and cant do backwards tech).if it’s cheap you want get the bundle with the arcade with HDMI output (but dont forget that the arcade only has that 256MB memory – which i think is not really enough sometimes LOL).plus with Pros you can install the games in its hard drive so you play it from there – so you dont have to use the disc drive to run it (but u still need the original disc!!).so i am favoring the Pro lol.if you want cheap that is! 60GB is indeed enough memory for a Pro! 120GB is overdoing it lol

    Good luck and enjoy the awesomeness of the Xbox 360! – dont forget to get Gears of War! lol awesome game!

  5. Unless you really want a black xbox and controller, the only significant difference between the Xbox 360 Pro and the Xbox 360 Elite is the 120GB hard drive in place of the 60GB one. So, if you’re the kind of person who downloads lots of game demos and movies and such, then go for the Elite. If not, go with the Pro. I’ve had generally good experience with pre-owned machines, especially if you’re buying from a retail store, so there’s another good way to save money.

  6. 60GB is a-lot of space. I have a 20GB and thats even more then you need, think of it you may use 1GB (doubt it) for saved games and a demo is about 1GB, and you will delete them after you play. Then along with downloadable content which half the time you have to pay for so you won’t have that much maybe another GB or 2, so basically 60GB you’re laughing, the elite is just black, no other real perks and no it does not have better graphics, etc, its all the same. As for used or new, new = longer warranty but may cost you a pretty penny, I personally buy used all the time and I never have a problem, plus as long as the used product hasn’t been opened you will still have Microsoft warranty


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