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If I Buy A Re-furbished Xbox 360 From Gamestop Does That Mean It Is Used?


What Does Re-furbished Mean?

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  1. Refurbished means at some point the system broke down and it was sold to GameStop. The took the system identified the problem and fixed it. The refurbished systems are going to be a more reliable choice then the used system because of the working grantee, the used systems are sold “as is”, meaning they worked when they were brought in, there is no grantee that there are no problems with the system, for all they know the system RR’ed and the person toweled it so it would run just long enough for the store to test it. In either case you’d likely want to buy their warranty.

  2. The simple answer is, yes, the refurbished 360s from Gamestop are used.

    The more complete answer is that whenever a product is returned to the store – for whatever reason – it cannot be sold as “new” if the box has been opened. It could be the unit was unused (e.g. “I don’t like the color”) or maybe it didn’t work, or whatever. Items in this condition are checked out by the factory, repaired if necessary, and usually used for warranty repairs. You send in your broken unit, you get a refurbished one back. Some stores also sell refurbished units, but by law, must label them as such and cannot charge the same price as a new one.

    Refurbished units come with a warranty, but it may not be the same warranty a new unit has. Be sure you ask about this and understand the terms.

  3. Re-furbished means so one else had it broke it then they took it in and fixed it so they can resell it

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