Home Playstation Forum i think sony is dumb my ps3 broke?

i think sony is dumb my ps3 broke?


my ps3’s blu ray drive broke i wanted to watch wanted in blu ray and it wasnt working so i called sony and said they will fix it for $150 i might as well get a brand new ps3 it’s pretty dumb but they do make good stuff

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  1. Ulrich is right, lol. But you could TRY fixing the PS3 yourself for a fraction of the cost, a new Blu-Ray lens would cost you about 70-80 USD on eBay, which is the only place I know where you can get a PS3 lens.

    Same thing happened to mine, but I’m still waiting for my replacement lens.

  2. Wow a broken Ps3 is rare you should go buy a lottery ticket you seem to get the odds on your side.

  3. did you get a warranty well they should fix it free since its their fought but all they are goind to do is give you a new one

  4. A new PS3 would cost you a lot more than $150. Just try argueing with customer service and if they dont remove the charges, just send it in any. And they are far from dumb.

  5. ($150) i may as well get a new ps3,ps3 cost 500-690, now who’s dumb, do some maths fool,SOB,noob!

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