Home Xbox Forum i need help with my xbox plz help!!?

i need help with my xbox plz help!!?


i have a xbox elite and when i turn it on it works but then it freezes and i cant play a game or move nothing. can some one plz help i reserved red dead redemption and i wanna get it fixed before it comes out

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  1. It sounds like the GPU is overheating i would recommend sending it away, you will get charged for the replacement parts but it is the best way of doing it unless you fancy opening it up and putting some heat sink on it but you might find that diffiuclt.

  2. this is one sign that you computer is getting closer to the 3 red light problem just watch some youtube vids and buy a 3red light repai kit from ebay and D.I.Y im in the same boat as you but i got 3 red lights im fixing it myself with a kit i bought off ebay hope this helps watch the 3 red light reapir videoes on youtube ITS EASY ive linked the first part for you this will definately fix it





  3. freezes? any red lights 1 red light 2 red lighs 3 red lights? what year is the 360? it tells u on the back if its the red ring of death (rrod) if its still under warrenty send it back also applies if its the one red light e74 these are not worth u trying to fix them they will allways return and as for someone sugesting the towel fix what a * bad bad idear makes matters worse

  4. you can try to use the towel fix, but the only true fix is to send it in to be repaired. that can take anywhere, from 2 weeks onward.

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