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I have a playstation 3, so was wondering what is the best bluetooth headset for my playstation to play online?



  1. I have a Motorolla H500. It is only $25 at Sam’s club. It was the cheapest one i could find and it works good.

  2. well wired is better cause u can hear and talk better and its not staticy or n e thing if u buy a logitech headset at walmart for 30 bucks, theres a 10 ft cord so u can use it from faraway. if u want a bluetooth get warhawk n one comes with it but if u dont want to buy warhawk go to lik bestbuy or circutcity but wired one is better

  3. [url is not allowed].

    this is a great model.



    Bluetooth: yes works on PS3

    Pair it once you get it and when you wanna go online and talk just turn on the device.

    The earpeice is adjustable so i can mold to any ear and its lite.

    Prefomance is moderate, it might pick a few ambeint noises now and then.

    Negatives is its 39.99$

    Positives, its rechargable so you dont have to worry about buying batteries(4.99 a pack).

    overall i give it a 4/5 because it is a great unit but i didnt like spending 40 dollars.

  4. i have a jabra bt160 and it works great.(got it on ebay for 9$$ you can either do that or buy the game warhawk it comes with that same bluetooh headset. and it is rechargeable 1 charge will usually last me about a 10hr of playtime. here is a link on ebay send him an offer i did and he took it i offered 9$ for it plus ship under 20$>>>>>

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