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How to get a 360 and more money?


How to get a 360 and more money?

ok here is the deal im 15 and trying to get enough money to get a xbox 360 just because they are cool and i like them so im trying to find a way to make money to get one. im also selling my origanal xbox so ill get about 50-60 dollars off that im also in wisconsin if that gives any ideas to a job or something.

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  1. dude well, you have $50 from your original 360 right? Well if you have any games and accessories, sell it as a bundle on the craigslist. just go to google and type in (your city) craigslist. You can prabbly sell your original xbox with stuff for $50-$200 depending on how much stuff you have. You can also sell pretty much anything and people post job offerings there so check it out.

  2. go to ebay and buy a cheaper then the regular.that would be about sell your origanal xbox and all of it’s games if you have any and controllerif you have any that would be 80-90$

  3. personally I think wait till you get a summer job and buy one. Other then that I think it’s a waste of money at your age.

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