Home Playstation Forum How to download modern warefare 2 free for ps3?

How to download modern warefare 2 free for ps3?


I need to now because it can save me alot of money

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  1. idiot the answers above explain most of it the games $60 all the stuff you’ll need to burn a game is going to cost almost enough to buy you another PS3

  2. First things first, Ps3 hasnt been hacked to play copied of games yet, end of.

    Even if you did manage to find the file on the internet and downloaded it, you’d still have to have a spare blank bueray disc (£15 for 4) and dont forget the blueray burner (£131.26) you’ll need in your Laptop/PC to burn the game onto.

    Do the maths, £131.26 + £15 = More than Modernwarfare!

    Search your local gameshop that has a pre-owned section and look in there for it

  3. It is not possible as of yet. There are games on PS3 and PC that have been leaked to torrents, but there is no PS3 emulator so far. You could borrow it from a friend, but to most people that gets complicated.

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