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how to aim steadily with ps3 controller?


i play modern warfare 2, red dead redemption, and bad company 2. im a pretty decent player, but my aiming is off many times. for example. mw2. how would u make the analog stick a bit more accurate?

please dont say anything that i have to buy e.g. fpsfreak sticks


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  1. adjust the sensitivity in the options menu. also look into getting these:

    [url is not allowed]

    i was able to find them at best buy

    these triggers attach to the L2 and R2 buttons and really help with accuracy when playing shooters.

  2. basically – practice

    get used to making small movements of the sticks by playing games that require precision like walking slowly by pressing the stick slightly to cross a pipe in god of war etc. or in steering in a racing game

    and try holding the controller steady and maybe rest one hand on a leg or something

    it’s all about precise stick control so check if a game can have the stick sensitivity adjusted to you and if not then just play lots

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