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How much can i sell my 360 elite for?


I am wondering how much i can get for my xbox? it’s a year old and currently still has warranty left on it.

xbox 360 elite 120gb

2 wireless controllers (black, white)

hdmi cable (+ all other cables that originally come with it)

20gb hard drive

4 games (Left 4 dead, Gears of war 2, Red dead redemption undead nightmare, Red dead redemption).

It’s in perfect condition, just don’t have the time to play it anymore.so i would like to buy an iPhone with some of the money i can get from the xbox (i will put the remainder in).

How much?

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  1. i would post an ad on craigslist.org for any where from $175-$250 and if you dont get anyone who seems interested maybe drop the price a little bit. -good luck:)

  2. With all the stuff you have for it, I’d probably try to get $250-ish for it, maybe take a little less for it,but definitely don’t go under $200. Look on Craigslist to see what similar used Xbox bundles are selling for in your area, or try eBay.

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