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How long will xbox 360 remain popular?


Just wondering what your thoughts are. I was thinking about buying one but would it be kinda pointless this late?

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  1. Well think about it, the XBL servers won’t shut down until years after the next generation of Xbox comes out. So you’d still be able to play it, besides you don’t need internet connection to play single player.

  2. The PS4 was just announced. So I’m sure the successor to the 360 will be announced soon. I would buy a used 360 and use it until the successor comes out. Then sell it.

  3. I would get one i got mine christmas of 2011 and people still play mw1 so people would still play 360 and the 720 will easily be $300-$400 since now an xbox with 250 gigs is 200 and the 720 may not even be that good a rumor is that on the 720 once a disc is played on says console it can’t be used on any other console rumor but if its true then prices could stay higher longer since you would have to buy it new

  4. You’re fun. Even though the PS4 was just announced, no one who played Xbox in the first place is going to buy it. PlayStation fans will still play PlayStation, and Xbox fans will continue playing Xbox. Also, Xbox 720 isn’t getting released for years. Xbox is gonna remain as popular as it is for at least a few years.(Add me on xbox live– InfraredGlow09)

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