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How do I get my PS3 to show up on my TV?


I have a super slim ps3, 500GB, just bought it today, It came it a power cord, and ac cable, and scart adaptor. I connected it correctly to my old fat Hitachi TV, (not a flat screen, its big and fat), via the ac cable, and the 3 colored wires in the scart lead adapter. It powers up and I can turn it off and on with the button, but ive tried changing the channels on my tv and it wont come up. It may need av channels but i cant find it my tv goes to 1-99 and only the sky box when turned on goes to AV-2. Ive tried turning it off, then holding for 2 beeps and nothing happens. How do I get it to display on my tv?

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  1. If you are connecting by scart lead, it should be on AV1 or AV2. Does the scart adapter need to be connected to the mains?

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