Home Xbox Forum how do i enable xbox 1month gold live membership?

how do i enable xbox 1month gold live membership?


I have just got the new Xbox and it says it includes 1 month free gold live membership but when i go on multi-player on lets say grand theft auto 4 it says ‘your gamer profile does not have the correct permission to access Xbox live functionality. what do i do is there a setting because i turned the family settings off and stuff but that doesn’t work. please help. thanks

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  1. I’m not sure how it works in the US, but on the UK systems, a new account is given Gold whenever it’s created for the month.

    I believe the support number in the US is something along the lines of 1800-MY-XBOX or something like that, (your documentation should include the correct number), I suggest you contact Microsoft directly and ask for their advice.

  2. First off, please make sure you already have a Xbox LIVE Profile, if so, you need to confirm the 1 month gold, to do this press the big ‘X’ button on the middle of your controller, scroll to the last tab on the left, select “Redeem Code” enter the code shown on the back of the 1 month gold card, confirm it and voila.

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