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how do i download a new theme on xbox 360 with the latest update?


i keep finding solutions to older versions of the updates and of course they aren’t working so please how i download one right from my xbox without have to find one on the computer and using a jump drive to get it there

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  1. there is many options you can use, but i find this method better than any theme you get from box marketplace! ( there is a video on the link below to help )

    your xbox Theme is like a statement about your personality!

    well if you have always wanted to REALLY show off your personality, but could NEVER find that PERFECT theme from the xbox marketplace – here is a tip you can do , you can create your OWN theme, using your own pictures. ( or the many you can find online )
    First you will need:

    1, a computer ( a digital camera works too ) with pictures that you like – or ones that you can find on the internet.

    2, either a USB flash memory stick or an external hard drive that can connect to your xbox console with a USB.

    1, find the pictures you like – save them AS a “.jpg” into a location you will remember ( a computer, flash memory, OR a digital CAMERA )

    ( you can now “CROP” any picture that you want to use – best results will have an area in the bottom half of the picture that you do not want to see – as the xbox console WILL grey out the bottom third of the picture – when you use it as your theme )

    2, Move or copy the NEW versions of the pictures that you wish to try as your them onto the devices ( Flash memory, external hard drive, or digital camera )

    3, connect the device that you saved the pictures onto to your xbox 360 console.

    4, with the console truned on PRESS the “GUIDE” and scroll once to the right.

    5, locate “Picture Viewer” and press “A”

    6, Locate the CORRECT device that you have saved or moved the picture(s) on to and press “A” for the second time.

    7, if more than one file location or folder is on the device – a screen will open and show FOLDERS of all the locations that contain pictures which are compatible with your xbox 360 console.

    8, pick a folder, to open it and view the pictures

    8.5, if there were no folders – then the pictures could have opened, here you can view the pictures.

    9, if you have opened the picture to view it ( FULL SCREEN ), you will have to press “B” untill you have just a small THUMBNAIL version of the same picture you just viewed – HIGHLIGHTED!

    10, when you have the picture that you think you would like to use as your xbox 360 dashboard theme ( background ) HIGHLIGHTED, you should see at the bottom of your television screen the option of pressing “Y” to “apply as Background”

    11, press “Y”

    12, a new screen pops open – select “YES”


    ( unless you change your mind – then repeat the process from STEP 4, as you will have been taken back to the main dashboard.)

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