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Help with Resident Evil 2!?


I have Resident Evil 2 that I bought on the PlayStation Network, and I’m trying to get the special key, i have watched a ton of videos on YouTube about how to get it and they all make it look soo easy, i need to see it in black and white from another person, on the videos I seen it say that your not to pick up anything or shoot a single bullet, so i follow suit and listen, they all say that Brad Vickers zombified is down there, every time I make it there, hes not there, now, it’s impossible to avoid being attacked by zombies without shooting, if it helps at all, I’m playing on the easy difficulty because I can, they give you the choice and I choose it, and I’m also playing LeonA i need help the get the special key. does it only work on the normal setting or something? thank you for your help.

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  1. There’s 2 conditions you have to follow in order to get the special key.

    1) You have to make sure you don’t pick up anything UNTIL you get to the police station. Once you do, you won’t find him.

    2) You have to make sure you’re playing on the NORMAL or HARD settings.

    As long as you had followed those conditions, you’ll get it.

    Also, in case if you didn’t know, he’s down in the tunnel in front of the police station. So as soon as you get to the police station in the beginning, just go down the stairs and you’ll find him with the key on him if you did it correctly.

    PS. You may need to realize that he is really hard to kill because it requires quite a lot of bullets to kill him. So here’s something you could do, as soon as you had FINALLY found him, just leave him there and as soon as you had collected a little bit of bullets, go back and kill him. Trust me, as soon as you had gotten to him without picking anything up, he’ll remain there for the rest of the game. So as soon as you had found him, then from that point on, you can try and collect extra bullets in order to kill him.

    Good Luck and have fun. 🙂

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