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gta 4 ruined my ps3?


Alright so I’ve had my ps3 since Christmas and havn’t had a problem with it until i bought gta 4. At first it would just freeze during the initial loading screen, i would try to use the soft reset but it wouldnt work and had to use the back switch. now my ps3 doesnt load gta 4 or any of my old games. it wont even play blueray movies anymore. as far as i can tell, this is all rockstar’s fault. is there anything i can do to fix this? also my warranty is void cuz my cousin ripped off the f* sticker.

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  1. Hey, nothing’s perfect.

    I had this problem before – and had it fixed.

    It’s not Rockstar’s fault, the PS3 had this problem. I had this problem with Assassin’s Creed – so is it there fault?

    Just get some money and go get it fixed and your done.

  2. Man that totally sucks. Unfortunately there probably is nothing you can do. When you shut it off manually while the PS3 is using CPU it damages software and wont allow it to read disc’s, movies, etc. Sorry about that happening to you 🙁

  3. try bringing your ps3 hard drive to the tech and he will format it he can also back up your data. If you want you can also buy a new hard drive. Any laptop hard drive will work. you can buy one here. http://www.newegg.com

  4. dude tell me you didnt turn it off when it was installin cos if you did its completely ur fault and no where will replace ur ps3.gutted.

    haha u didnt even get to play it!

  5. It sounds like your Playstation is messed up my friend.You will have to call Sony and they will help you from there and give you a price quote for repairs, unless they have confirmed a GTA problem with PS3 which I heard nothing about since your story.

  6. the same thing happened to me today.I was in the middle of playing gta when it froze. It would not let me reset so i had to turn it off. It has not read any discs since then. Ive tried messing with all kinds of settings that were suggested on other sites, and nothing is working. Right now im in the process of doing a complete system restore. I will let you know if that fixes the problem. I have not had any problems at all until now, ive had my ps3 since last october. good luck

  7. You could try installing a new hard drive. You probably just have corrupted files in your system that need to be deleted.

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