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Griefer traps on Xbox?


Every once in a while a meet a griefer who is a friend of a friend who usually does stuff to my world. Griefers are my biggest pet peeve and in my opinion are people who shouldnt even play the game of minecraft(If you are a griefer reading this, you should be ashamed of yourself) anyways, any griefer trap videos? (No sticky pistons involved please)

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  1. Invite only is best solution however there are a lot of traps to build using sticky pistons. For one I have built a room underground made completely out of obsidian where is come one falls down a piston trap hole they land there. When trying to get out without a diamond pick there are 2 levers. One does nothing the other activates a large 2 minute death trap which opens two holes pouring in lava and the walls on each side start to push against the player.if they try and brake out below though a large pool of lava awaits them with 2 mobspawners 🙂 I have not got this on video lol but it’s a great idea I had with a few friends so yeah just make a cool covered hole with pistons and use stuff like lava underneath and stick a sign saying free diamond tools or something. :p

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