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Good playstation 3 Games?


I’m planning on buying the Resistance Dual Pack, but I’m not sure if anybody still plays online.

Are there any other good playstation 3 games out now that are enjoyable and amazing?

Besides the games I already have:

-Metal Gear Solid 4



-Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

-Grand Theft Auto 4

-Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

-Call of Duty Black Ops


-Guitar Hero Metallica and World Tour

-Resident Evil 5

-Dead Space


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  1. dead space 2

    infamous 2

    uncharted 1 and 2


    little big planet 2

    kill zone 2 and 3

    god of war 1 2 and 3

    gran truismo 5

    fat Princesse

  2. yh thats a good list, you have good game taste lol

    Infamous 2

    Killzone 2 & 3

    Dead Space 2

    Assassin Crreed 2 & Brotherhood

    Red Dead Redeption ( GTA with horses lol)

    Uncharted 1 & 2

  3. Well depends what your into, but by the sound of it Duke Nukem Forever would be great, its an awesome game

  4. Infamous 2 is cleverly interconnected. If you neglect side quests, the city will be less safe (making the game more difficult) and you’ll have fewer skills to purchase. Neglecting to collect Blast Shards gives Cole less electricity to work with. Ignoring Dead Drops will keep the story darker and more nebulous. And refusing to work with UGC not only forces you to miss out on easy Trophies but also removes a welcome community feel to Infamous 2 that the original lacked.


  5. You have a decent list of games, try Infamous 2 or the ratchet and clank series.

    Infamous 2 improves on the original in every way and imo is the best ps3 exclusive out now.

    The ratchet and clank series are great action/adventure and have been going strong throughout the years since the PS2 due to good humour and gameplay.

  6. Here Are List Of Games:

    -Infamous 2

    -Little Big Planet 2

    -Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3

    -Red Dead Redemption

    -Guitar Hero 5

    -Grand Theft Auto 5

    -Dead Space 2

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