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Gears Of War 2 Rank Help for GEARS 3?


So my account for gears is a bit messed up. at this time i didnt have Xbox LIVE. So i went round my friends, he glitched me lvl 100, and i went home played some local on a snowblind map ( i bought it of his xbox using my account and MY points ) and got the achievment fore lvl 100. What will hppen to me for Gears 3 because i saw on their website that they check what time you advanced between levels.

but i though this: are they really going to check EVERYONES account for Gears 2 lvl 100?

So will i be screwed or not?

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  1. In a YouTube video a while back I heard that they will not be checking peoples accounts to see If u got the Veteran Gear achievement legit or not, so u should be good. And if u have the VG achievement in Gears 2, then in gears 3 u get all 5 starting weapons in gold skin 😀

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