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does this mean my SDTV is High deff? help please i wanna play my ps3 in HD?


i got a sanyo sdtv 30 inch and on the back of the tv connectors theres one that has the colors of Blue, Red, and Green! does that mean i can hook my ps3 up to it in HD? im confused help

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  1. No, your TV is SD, but those are the best connectors to use to hook your PS3 up, you use componant cables.

    An HDTV has an HDMI socket, you would use an HDMI cable for that, but not with the TV that you have:)

  2. This is called component video. It can be used for both SDTV and HDTV, although HDMI is superior when it comes to HDMI. Unfortunately, you haven’t given enough information to tell if your TV is HD or not, but to restate myself, just because you have component inputs doesn’t mean you have a HDTV.

  3. No, your standard definition tv is not high definition. Those are component video inputs. Your PS3 will not be HD, but it’s the best option for connecting the PS3 to that tv.

  4. That just means that you can hook up component cables for a slightly better picture than using the red yellow and white tipped cables. Check out this picture: [url is not allowed]

    Your tv would be the one on the right. A high definition set would be the ones on the left.

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