Home Playstation Forum does the ps3 realy break?

does the ps3 realy break?


Does the ps3 really break straight out of the box? Did it when YOU opened it?

Also Ive seen some vids of Ps3s getting broken does it really break that easily? How long has it been with you?

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  1. My (60gb) Ps3, no probs out of the box, and as soon as I updated it newer features became available.

    My wii’s only problem is that when you open up the flaps for the gamecube controllers, you have to store them somewhere.

    Wouldn’t touch the 360 with a 10 foot barge pole though, Megabucks Microsoft are ripping people off charging extortionate prices for their peripherals (£60 for wlan aptaptor (£20 for one for a PC, you do the maths) and charging for their XBOX live when Wii and PSnetwork (where supposedly not quite as good yet) are free.

    Then we move on to the notoriously infamous 3RLOD (Three red lights of death) signifying the inevitable demise of your console (usually just outside of your warranty) sometimes before and in VERY rare cases, still surviving.

    In disbelief? try Youtube (360 song ring of fire is hilarious)

    My Xbox (ONE) got me through many hours of gameplay and is still going strong as is any console I purchased before it.

    Shame on Bill Gates.Isn’t he rich enough?

  2. Well the PS1 did and so did PS2. Can”t say about PS3 I didn’t buy one and I’m not going to.

  3. when i got my ps3 not as good quiltity as i tought it would be mine broke very easily only coz my lil nephew banged it with his lil fist and hes only around 2 years old. anyways i profer XBOX 360 really good quillitiy great graphics + same games as PS3

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