Home Xbox Forum Does the price for a Xbox 360 go down on Black Friday?

Does the price for a Xbox 360 go down on Black Friday?


I want to buy one for my brother also where at would be the cheapest to get one

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  1. Yes it does,I got myn a year after the xbox 360 came out and I got myn for 200 instead of 300 on a black Friday at walmart,In my opion I would get the new xbox one.

  2. Yes most likely there would be a price drop on Xbox 360 on Black Friday. However i would suggest that you go for next gen console known as Xbox One there is a huge chance that it might be coming out at the same time. Xbox One is far better than Xbox 360 in all aspects and that is now the future of gaming console. Xbox One is better in hardware as well as graphics and would be better investment for future gaming. There are also some good games would be coming out on that.

    Here you can find the latest details of Xbox One, latest features, latest game choices etc.:

    [url is not allowed].

    If you can not afford Xbox One then you can get Xbox 360 from any game shop or online store almost all of them offer very good discounts everywhere.

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