Home Playstation Forum Does PlayStation 4 have a laggy online experience?

Does PlayStation 4 have a laggy online experience?


When you play online multiplayer matches on the PS4 how often do you experience lag or disconnect from a match?

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  1. Lag depends on the game and your download speed, the console doesn’t make much of a difference. Obviously if you don’t have good download speed then you’re going to lag to bits. And as for the games it depends if they’re using p2p connections or dedicated servers.

  2. lag in online play and disconnecting is NOT caused by a console or a game , it is entirely cased by the players internet connection being slow or unstable or the game servers needing maintenance so no , the ps4 does not have lag issues and if you have lag becasue of poor internet you will have lag if you play on ps4 , xbox one , ps3 , psvita , pc or any other console or system

  3. Lag is associated with your internet connection speed and not the console itself. What’s your speed?

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