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Do You Need To Register Sony Bluetooth Headset?


Do you need to register the sony bluetooth headset for the PS3 like do you need to do the 0000 code or do you just plug it into the usb port and it is done automatically?

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  1. You do have to register the device and enter the access code.

    You do not have to keep registering it each time you turn on your PS3 though. Once its registered into the system the PS3 will pick it up whenever you turn on the earpiece.

    I was using my Motorola ear piece but I bought SOCOM Bundle that came with the official Playstation Bluetooth headset. If you can get this earpiece do it. It works perfectly and fits inside your ear very well.

    Take care.

  2. you have to register all bluetooth devices. you will have to do every time you turn it on usually too.

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