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Do you hate fanboys?


Why or why not?

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  1. thats like saying do i hate terrell owens lol of course i hate fanboys. the way how i see it worry about what you have than what other ppl have. games are meant to be fun and excitiing now its a friggin war with ppl bitchin about which system is better. stop bitching about that and just enjoy what you have theres ppl today that dont even have a ps2 so yall need to think about that.

  2. Not really. Everyone has pride in what they own. Nothing working with coming to a section about it and giving your praises. Now if your just ranting about PS3 sucks get a 360 or 360 sucks get a PS3 or they both suck get a Wii. and you leave it as that with no explination. or facts Yeah that gets annoying. Back up why you feel this way or that way. Don’t take someones question about an Issue there having. To use it as a bashing oppertunity. Now when they ask the which one is better question the door has been opened for all types of answers. But give reasons why. And not just be cause of 1 or 2 games I really doubt anyone will pay over 2,3,or 400 dollars on a system for 1 freaking game. Also I hate hearing people talk about how great there choice console is, and the other is awful and when you ask them if they know this because they own one they will say. No my friends cousins, brothers, friend in Sibera has one and he told me it wasnt good. Then thats just freaking nuts

  3. I dont have an issue for peopel prefering one console over another, but theres two types i hate.

    The trolling fanboy – the ones who ask retarded questions, like “Why does suck so bad?, “Why is still making consoels, they suck?” etc. or just answering with “it sucks”, ” is much better” or in irrelevenat Q? “Just buy a ”

    The Misinfrmed Fanboy – these are the worst, jsut spoiutng out unfounded opinions, such as XBL is better, PS3 has no gmaes, X consoles has better gmaes, Wii is jsut for kids, Ps3 is fugly, etc.

    Sure im biased to the PS3, but i will only give cold hard facts, I will source nearly everything i say and at least throw in a few good words for each console, though if i see a fanboy spouting out BS then i will admt i do sometiuems join the fray(with citation :D)

    And if i ever catch a Ps troll/fanboy i give them a bit of my mind, whihc i suggest any TC of theire respective section does, jsut to keep it clean, a bit of self modertaion, but unfourtanbetly, like Communist n Wiiboy prove, they always come back.

  4. They’re annoying as crap

    They go around spamming people who are asking for help with their console and disregard the question completely, either because it’s that

    1. They’re really that blind when it comes to consoles

    2. It’s for a cheap laugh

    3. They’re not happy with the console they have

    They also ask questions like “Why does (console) suck so bad?” and never back up their answers with any reasons.

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