Home Xbox Forum Do they make “dance dance revolution” for xbox live?

Do they make “dance dance revolution” for xbox live?


Ok probably the stupidest question here

But do they make dance dance revolution for xbox live? I got my husband an xbox and figured that game would be a good work out (along with my gym)

If so, can you provide a link directly to a site I can order it? I would also need the pad thing.

Again sorry for the stupidity but thanks for you help!

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  1. Yes,they do i myself have DDR Universe 2.it is fun,and tracks the calories you burn with workout mode.In the sources i have added some link’s where you can purchase it.Also if you want you can add me as a friend on Xbox Live my Gamertag is Theawesome16

  2. This has everything you need in it. The game and the dance pad. You can play it on Xbox Live with other people or by yourself. Hope this helps!

    Here is the link: [url is not allowed]

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