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Do any adults use Playstation Home?


18+ is adult, but I am referring to nearly 30 and up. any here that use it? I never really have but it has provided me some entertainment the past two nights that I was on, though most seem to be very young users.
I haven’t downloaded all the locations yet, is there a particular one that this 20’s-30’s+ age range tend to use?

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  1. I’m in my 40s and don’t play, but many friends around the same age do. Kids don’t have the monopoly on fun!

  2. I’m 30+ (sigh), and I’ve no interest in it. But I’m also pretty old school in that I want my game machine to, well, be a game machine. Aside from buying digital games/dlc, and the occasional blu-ray movie, I really don’t do anything other than play games on my PS3. I don’t have any interest in social media stuff in general.

  3. Yes, (well I’m not 30+) but a buddy of mine is in his 40’s and I see him on there quite a bit. Sometimes I even join him.

  4. Sure they do! People of all ages use Playstation Home! There’s something there for everyone to enjoy!

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